You are allowed

If the whole world wanted you to stay small, would you?

If every time you reached out to touch your own hearts dream and the world told you to stay seated. Be quiet.

Would you listen?

If that life inside whispered for you to get back up, would you stay seated and do as you were told?

Do you think it’s worthwhile to acknowledge who you’re seeing in the mirror as equally worthy as everyone else you admire? Do you think it’s okay to love and praise your skills and talents that scare others into jealousy? Or is it better to stay hidden and be meek? What do you think is the true you? Washed out and accepted by others whose taste buds don’t know of better flavours?

I feel you because I know you.

I know how you feel when you stay seated and don’t live out your dreams. I know how you feel when you look at others in admiration and envy. I know you when you feel unworthy of what scares you.

But your life is more inside you than what is outside of you. Your whispering spirit will no longer need to shout if you listen to it. And what you hear is more real than the voices of all the good people who are just afraid of themselves.

Don’t be afraid. Do all of the things that are scary because you will understand that true fear isn’t really about showing up but about betraying yourself for the general consensus of what is and isn’t acceptable. You are allowed to dream, and BE.

You’re allowed all of that and more. You’re allowed to see yourself with kinder eyes, ones which acknowledge all things with a deeper beauty than what is on the outside. Don’t feel ashamed of yourself <3 

You are enough.

And scary as it may be for all of the good people who no longer see themselves this way, you are still enough.

You get to be the best you for the rest of your life.

Please hear your own choices. Not the choices that others make for you. Listen to your own voice and the song that lifts up your spirit into dance and laughter – not fear. Don’t be afraid because you would be missing out on a really powerful thing.

The ability, beauty and magic in being you.

You are allowed.

*The poster above is based on a quote from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
“The soul of the world is nourished by people’s happiness”.

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