Bless yo’ self

Sometimes you win the lottery with what you consider are the “good things” in life. Like being healthy or considered attractive, being wealthy to the degree that you can afford most things, having the ability and grace to handle the relationships you have, being traditionally smart, being born into a family that helps and supports you, or gets you ahead in life somehow.

There are other situations that we might say are more difficult to be born into. For example, having an unsupportive, or even hurtful family, who bring you up to believe bad things about yourself. Or being born into a situation where you don’t have the resources available to appropriately help you flourish as a child. Or being physically or mentally inept in some way that makes you feel like an outcast for most of your life.

There’s something almost anyone can find about their lives that isn’t “ideal”, but I believe these are the things that are our greatest teachers. They can be the things to humble us and make us into the people we always wanted to be. They don’t have to be weaknesses that hold us back but can instead be the very things that catapult us into the awesomeness that is already inside of us.

Never ever think of yourself as disadvantaged. Because nobody is inherently so. Nobody is here that has nothing else to offer in this world. You are here for a reason, and whatever you feel holds you back is not so, it is a blessing in disguise so think of it as one. Treat it as the one thing that no one else has that you have that will help you to become who you want to be. Bless yourself. With your own unique circumstance.

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