That was me on a ferry – heading to an island in Nicaragua a while ago!

Hey. I’m Sharmin 🙂 Glad you stopped by.

Years ago, a kid at my school called me “Sharminty” just to be funny. I don’t think he expected this…. but I liked that nickname, and so did my friends.

So, it has sort of been with me since then haha.

I was born in Iran, and raised in New Zealand, by Bangladeshi parents. We’re called “Third Culture Kids” (or TCK’s for short). I believe this has lent a colourful lens to my perspectives around the world.

An unfolding began several years ago when I decided to leave home and go live in multiple cities around the world for a time. So far, there have been many stories, photographs, and ups and downs, that have etched a few new lines into me.

I want to write about how I experienced these last few years and hopefully share how much I’ve learned from my life.

Additional info: I love 90s music! I can eat food from all corners of the earth, and I’m pretty brave. Brave enough to finally share my writing here.

Happy reading.